Red Rising by Pierce Brown


Where do I start…. This book tore my heart into a million little pieces, threw it up into the air like confetti, and danced on the remaining dust.

Honestly, me and this book were in an abusive relationship. And I loved every second of it.

Quick Summary
Red Rising by Pierce Brown tells the story of young Darrow (I have summarized this book SO many times it’s like second nature to me now) who is a part of an underground mining colony on Mars. This particular group of people are referred to as “Reds” and are the lowest in the caste system mentioned in this book (including the Pinks, Greys, Purples, Browns, and of course the Golds).

The Reds mine a substance called helium-3 which is supposed to make Mars livable, and they are told that once people come to Mars the Reds will be praised and adored by all because Mars will be basically built on their backs yadda yadda yadda. Point is: it’s all LIES. I won’t go into the details because spoilers, and I don’t wanna be hated…

What Book Am I Reading?
At first I was not entirely happy with this book, because it was VERY similar to Wool by Hugh Howey. Especially in a particular part where a girl was executed, much like in Wool. However, instead of being sent out to a cleaning, in Red Rising they are hung. And just like in Wool, the guy went a bit crazy and decided it was a good idea to go out the same way the girl does. BUT as soon as that was over, the book took off.

Darrow is Actually Fourty-Five
Brown does an excellent job at taking Darrow and really turning him into someone you want to both hate and love at the same time. He makes all the right choices and always seems to be able to keep his head above water in scary, life-threatening situations. I think I read another review which said something about Darrow actually acting much more mature than a teenager, and I completely agree. But I’m okay with that. If Darrow would have been older I don’t think the story would have gone the same way.
If Darrow was in a horror movie, he would still be alive. I say this because he always goes with the right choice. Sometimes he is put into these situations where he could definitely go with his first instinct and completely give in to his human desires (have sex, kill, take revenge, burst out in rage, ya know) but he DOESN’T! He actually sits there and makes himself go through why he has to be strong, be the leader, be a gold. And I end up falling in love with him even more…

The Middle 
This book just made me cry and love and cry and hate and cry some more. There are some pretty gruesome images in this book because a sort of war breaks out, so expect death and gory images of people being impaled. I’m just warning you.

Expect to Hang off a Cliff
Gosh the ending suuuuucks. Not because its badly written or something happens that I disagree with (actually the opposite), but because the cliff hanger! As soon as I flipped to the last page I was in the car on my way to the bookstore to buy Golden Son (the second installation in the Red Rising trilogy). I promise you WILL NOT regret opening this book.

So I’ll leave you with this: read the damn book.
Also, check out Mr. Brown.

Ya, I know right?

Come again!



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