On the sixth of January of this year, a new series of comics was published by Marvel. It was written by Joe Kelly and the art work was done by Ed McGuinness.

On January 6th of 2016 the world became a better place because Spiderman/Deadpool was placed on shelves of comic book stores all around America (and maybe other places, but I don’t really know so for now I’m just saying “in America”).

What’s it about? 
Deadpool is basically trying to enlist Spiderman for a very very high paying merc job to.. get ready for it *drumroll*…. kill Peter Parker.
Yeah that’s right, Deadpool has NO IDEA that the guy he’s trying to kill is the SAME GUY he’s trying to get to help him…. DUN DUN DUN! What will happen next? Well read the comics to find out.

Okay, so if you’re like me and don’t have a lot of comic book reading experience (I’ve only been reading them for about six months) I think this is definitely a great series for you to get started. For several reasons:
1. This comic series is straight forward, and all you really need to know is who Spiderman is (check) and who Deadpool is (check). This also means there is no uber complicated backstory you need to know to get started.
2. The writers did an excellent job at making the story very easy to follow.
3. The plot is interesting, so you know this is a good comic series that will keep you coming back for more.
4. There are only three issues out so far, so it’s still early enough in the series where you can start  reading them without having to worry about all the past issues you’ve missed.

Too Late to the Party
As I just stated, three issues of this series have already been released, but fear not! You can still read them. You have the option to go on Marvel’s website and punch in your zipped and it will tell you the nearest comic book store where you can pick up your copy of Spiderman/Deadpool.
You can also checkout your local comic book store and see if, for some wicked twist of luck, they haven’t sold of their issues yet. Also, I”m sure if you just Google “Spiderman/Deadpool comic book”  you will receive numerous offers to purchase it online (psst I already did it for you).
Also remember that if you can’t find any of the past issues don’t worry. Just pick up the fourth issue if you can and start from there.

Issue 004
The next issue of Spiderman/Deadpool will hit stores on April 20th of 2016. And I cannot wait! Please mark your calendars and keep an eye out for this history making comic series.

Thanks, please come again!



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