September TBR

Hey all!

I’ve decided to try something a bit new; I’m going to (try to) do a monthly To Be Read post where I summarize what I plan on reading and maybe summarize my thoughts on books each month. Generally I’m not very good at keeping up with things like this where I have to commit to doing it, but why not give it a go?


Why Now?
Good question. I have too many unread books on my shelves and I NEED to read them asap. In the past doing a TBR list has really helped me stick to my goals and get through books quicker.

TBR for September

  • To start off the month, I’m going to finish Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I began this book a couple weeks ago, and it’s about damn time I finish it. ALSO the movie is coming out September 3oth so that’s a big reinforcement.
  • Then I’ll continue reading the graphic novel V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. I’m about 85 pages in, but I shall finish it by the end of the month at least (because I need to return it to the library).
  • A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolfe will serve as the literature requirement I’ve set for myself this month.
  • I also want to read a nonfiction novel each month (along with a classic/piece of literature), and for this requirement I have A Work In Progress by Connor Franta. He’s a YouTuber with a beautiful backstory; I’ve been following him for about four years now (wow… that amount of time seems unreal). And I’m excited to get to know him better through his book. He also wrote his book before it became commonplace for YouTubers to write books. A true hipster.
  • Next I will be reading another graphic novel titled Through the Woods by illustrator Emily Carroll. What initially drew me into this book were the beautiful images throughout the novel. I also borrowed this from the library so I need to return it soon!
  • Lastly, I will be trying to read the A-List by Zoe Dean *cringes*. I know, I know. But this series was recommended to me a while ago and I am not one to knock something before I try it. I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes; truth be told I’m not expecting much.

And that’s all I got.

Happy reading!



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