Welcoming 2017

I know that January is basically over, but I would like to publically welcome 2017. I want to say that although I don’t have very high hopes for this year I do wish for the best. 2016 was a year of procrastination, failed tests, disappointing books, too many celebrity deaths, and also the year that will forever be condemned by Democrats all over the country — myself included *sad face*.


However, 2016 was also the year of self-evaluation, of stronger friendships, of the freedom brought by the ability to drive, of more “yes” and less “no” when asked to hang out, and my very first laptop.

Now that we have wet our toes, figuratively speaking of course, with three weeks of 2017 I want to quietly acknowledge the feeling in my stomach that tells me 2017 will be a year to remember.


Like many introverted, overweight girls out there I too have made my daring and seemingly-unachievable list of New Year Resolutions. BUT I have taken the word resolution out and replaced it with “Goals”.

I’ve done this because the word resolution entails a change, a difference you wish to see in the near future. But the word goals says: I don’t necessarily want to change something as much as I want to achieve something. There’s a difference.


New Year Same Me

It seems with my new viewpoint it’s almost as though I’m saying I’ll be the same person but with new goals to achieve, but eventually reaching these new goals I’ve set for myself will create opportunities for me to grow as a person.

And yes I will share some of my goals for 2017:

  • Lose some weight (cliché but necessary… let’s leave it at that)
  • Read 45 books
  • Become a vegetarian by the end of the year (I also tried this last year but the difference between now and then is I was attempting to completely quit meat altogether at once, but by the end of January I probably had a whole pig in my stomach and that made me feel like I could never go back from that. This year I’ll be cutting certain meats at a time from my diet. Starting with red meat, moving on to chicken, and ending with turkey. MUCH more attainable).
  • Read 20 graphic novels — not as easy as you may think
  • Cook more and use that dang twelve dollar vegan cookbook you bought.
  • Write more (currently working on this)
  • Listen to different artists
  • Spend more time at church

Definitely shared all of my New Year Goals but hopefully that will help keep me accountable.





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